GU4DEC Tutorials

The GNOME Foundation are pleased to announce the first set of tutorials to be held at GU4DEC in June.

Tuomas Kuosmanen & Jakub Steiner Electronic Artistry with GIMP - Wednesday 18th June

The GIMP has been the spawn of GNOME and the GTK+ toolkit. It was one of the first user-targeted applications on the linux desktop. Today GNOME has matured into an advanced desktop, perfectly suitable for office enviroments as well as graphics and web publishing.

Length: Half Day
Cost: 120 Euro

Topics covered include -



Photo Retouching

The workshop will give the audience a possibility to try everything themselves as the tutors will walk everyone through numerous real-life examples.

Tuomas Kuosmanen and Jakub Steiner are both long-time GIMP users and professional artists. They are responsible for the numerous graphic elements of the GNOME 2 desktop, such as the icons, splash screens, application window decorations and color schemes. They both work for Ximian, Inc. -- a company that develops software and services for the GNOME desktop.

Owen Taylor

Beginning GTK+ Programming - Wednesday 18th June

This tutorial covers the essential concepts needed to become an effective programmer with GTK+ user interface toolkit.

Length: Half Day
Cost: 120 Euro

Topics covered include -

Attendees are expected to have a familiarity with C. No prior experience in GTK+ or GNOME programming is needed.

Owen Taylor is the designer of the Pango text layout library and has been co-maintainer of GTK+ for over five years, working on such areas as the GDK layer, DND, themes, and internationalization. He also has a strong interest in language bindings and component technology, as represented by the CORBA::ORBit Perl bindings for CORBA. With an educational background in Physics, Owen joined Red Hat in 1998 to work on GTK+ and GNOME.